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    Wicked Wednesday: Relax

    Wicked Wednesday: Relax

    Her gentle hand caresses my head, her slender fingers running through my hair.

    “Busy day?” she asks.

    “Mmm…” I murmur in response.

    This feels so good. We are laying side by side on the bed and every now and then she lowers her lips to mine and kisses me. Soft kisses, little more than a brush of her lips on mine, but enough to make the blood flow to my clit. I hadn’t counted on being aroused, not tonight, not after the day I have had, but she always knows how to take away my stress. She doesn’t demand, doesn’t expect anything from me.

    “You smell good,” she says as she leans in for another kiss.

    “So do you.” I pull her closer and seek out her tongue with mine. She obliges, opening her lips for me to slide in. She tastes of springtime and fruit. Her lips are soft and undemanding and I explore her mouth leisurely.

    Then she pulls back. One of her hands snakes lower down my chest towards my breasts. My breath hitches in anticipation and she cups one of my breasts gently. She repeats the motion with my other breast. My nipples are erect and my heart rate increases.

    “Relax,” she whispers. “Let me take care of you.”

    My body burns with desire and I find it hard to relax. When my blood is hot with lust I want to be fucked hard and quick. I don’t want to wait for an orgasm. But I know that impatience will not get me anything tonight. If I demand pleasure, either by words or body language, she will back off and I will be left unsatisfied.

    I take a deep breath. It’s a good thing I am tired anyhow tonight. She does not encourage active involvement when she’s in this mood. All that is required – no: demanded – of me is to lie here and take what she gives me. I know she will tie me up if I move too much, so I will my body to relax. Her fingers running over my scalp help me. I can feel my heartbeat slow down and despite the wetness gathering in my cunt, I keep still.

    She notices the shift in my body and smiles. “Good girl.”

    She leaves my side for a moment and returns with a blindfold. “I don’t want you to anticipate what I’m going to do to you. Do you mind?”

    “No.” My voice sounds hoarse and I clear my throat. “No, I prefer the blindfold.”

    She smiles and kisses me. Then she ties the blindfold around my head, cutting out all light. The blindfold has been tailored to my face and I can’t see anything. For a moment I panic, but she caresses me until my breathing calms down.

    She turns on some music. Sometimes I ask for the noise-cancelling headphones so I can’t even anticipate what she is going to do based on what I hear, but not tonight. Tonight the music is enough to cover up her sounds. Besides, I want to hear her voice.

    Her hands skim over my body, avoiding my erogenous zones. Her touch is feather light and I feel my body sink into the mattress. I am relaxed, more relaxed than I have been in weeks. My cunt throbs and my nipples pucker with desire, but I keep my breath even. I am ready to take whatever she is willing to give me.

    She spreads my legs and I imagine her admiring my cunt. I can feel hear breath on my wet pussy lips, but she doesn’t touch me. Not yet. I am momentarily disappointed, but I allow the feeling to pass.

    She turns her attention back to my breasts. She gently licks each perfect dome, nipping the peaks with her teeth. Pleasure shoots through me and my cunt aches for her touch, but I don’t show any of it. If I squirm or moan or, worst of all, beg for her touch, she will stop. This is all part of our ritual and I know the rules. So I register the pleasure and let it flow through me without attempting to grab it. I am merely a vessel.

    She slides her hands over my sides and my hips and, finally, towards my cunt. I regulate my breathing so I don’t get too aroused. Usually when we fuck my body bucks and writhes, my voice cries out in delight, but not tonight. Tonight I stay still.

    Her thumbs slide down either side of my slit, pressing down on my labia. I can feel my orgasm build, but I diffuse any tension in my body by breathing evenly. My body starts to feel light. Each wave of pleasure seems to take weight off me until I feel like I am floating. I am dimly aware of her slipping two fingers inside me. Her thumb strums my clit. Pleasure fills every part of my body and it becomes increasingly difficult not to moan. I breathe: in through my nose, out through my mouth. Even breaths that distribute the fire in my body evenly so I can stand the exquisite build-up of my climax.

    “Good girl,” she whispers. “You’re doing really well.”

    I don’t acknowledge her words, but they make my heart soar. I can feel the tiny contractions in my vagina, but again I don’t try to reach for my climax. The contractions don’t let up and I can feel the dam break deep inside my body. A deep sigh that comes from the core of my being escapes me as my orgasm lifts me up. Every cell in my body climaxes – this feeling does not seem to bear any relation to my genitalia. She does not alter the pace of her strokes as my cunt clamps around her fingers and I start to cry.

    When my cunt relaxes, she withdraws her fingers. She unties the blindfold and kisses me. I am at peace. My body feels numb, almost as if it doesn’t belong to me, and yet I am very much aware of my blood coursing through my veins, my skin tingling, my heart pounding in my chest.

    She gathers me into her arms and I rest my head on her chest. I feel revived. No one in the world can make me feel like this.

    “I love you,” I whisper before drifting off to sleep

    A wicked fantasy

    A wicked fantasy

    he wasn’t my mother, but she could have been. She was easily twice my age and to my utter delight, she had agreed to fuck me. I’d never done roleplay before, but I had had a mommy fantasy for as long as I could remember. I couldn’t believe my luck when she agreed to play along.

    I had met her at a party. She was dancing unselfconsciously and I was drawn to her immediately. We started talking and after several glasses of wine I finally plucked up enough courage to steer the conversation to sex. She wasn’t awkward about it at all. It was easy to talk to her and soon I found myself confiding in her about my darkest desire. To my utter surprise, she agreed to go there with me.

    So here we were. I’d been so nervous before she came over. Luckily my housemates were away for the weekend, so I had the house to myself. I had cleaned up and the place looked half-decent for a change. She had told me to dress any way I wanted, so I had opted for a short skirt, blouse, no bra and knee-high socks. I looked pretty cute if I said so myself.

    At the agreed time, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and there she was. My mommy for the evening. She was wearing a trench coat, stockings and high heels. I couldn’t see what she was wearing underneath.

    “Hello baby,” she said. She moved past me and closed the door.

    I was slightly unsure of what to do, but she didn’t seem to notice. Or care.

    She undid her trench coat and let it drop onto the floor. She was wearing a demure dress underneath, something like what a mom would wear. That little detail pulled me right into the game. I walked up to her and took her hand.

    “I’m so happy you’re here, Mommy,” I said.

    “Me too.” She pulled me towards her and bushed my hair out of my face. “You look so pretty tonight, baby. Mommy is looking forward to taking care of her little girl.”

    Heat flooded me and I could feel my panties dampen. “I really need that, Mommy.”

    “I know baby.” She bent her head and kissed me. I opened my mouth to receive her tongue, felt her heat pressed against me. She reached between us and found one of my breasts. My nipple stiffened under her touch and I moaned against her mouth.

    “Like that, do you, little slut?” she asked. “So greedy already.”

    “I am greedy, Mommy,” I said. “I’m your little fuck slut.”

    She pulled away and looked at me appraisingly. “Show me the bedroom,” she said.

    My legs wobbled as I led her to my bedroom. I had made up the bed to look like that of a young girl rather than my more adult decor. I could see the light in her eyes as she looked around the room.

    She sat down on the bed and looked up at me. “Take your clothes off. Let Mommy see how wet you are.”

    My hands shook as they fumbled with the buttons on my shirt. Why had I decided to wear a dress-down shirt? It took forever to undo them all. Finally, they were all undone and I pulled the shirt off my arms.

    “Such lovely perky breasts,” she breathed. “Now, get your skirt off.”

    That one was easier and I soon stood naked in front of her. Naked, except for my knee-high socks. She motioned for me to come closer and I stepped between her legs. She ran her hand up my leg, past my knee and over the inside of my thigh. I spread my legs so she could slip her hand between my thighs. When she did I moaned at the jolt of pleasure that her hand connecting to my cunt brought me.

    “So wet,” she said, pulling her hand away and licking my juices off her fingers. “Get on the bed, baby girl.”

    I crawled onto the bed and lay back. I had set out a selection of sex toys on my nightstand per her instructions and she walked over to them. She grabbed one of the biggest dildos and hefted it in her hands.

    “Are you ready for Mommy to fuck you?” she asked.

    I whimpered. “Yes. Please, Mommy, I need to be fucked so badly.”

    She knelt between my legs and rubbed the dildo along my slit. I lifted my hips and tried to pressed my clit against the shaft, but she pushed me back down.

    “Patient, baby,” she scolded. “Mommy will fuck you when she’s ready.”

    I pouted. “But I want it now, Mommy!”

    She continued to tease me, dipping the tip of the dildo in my aching hole, then dragging it up to my clit again. I begged and whimpered and moaned, but she took no heed. Finally, when I thought  I’d break from the need to come she positioned the dildo at my entrance.

    “Now I think you’re ready to be fucked,” she growled.

    “Yes, Mommy,” I whimpered. “Please…”

    She finally thrust the dildo into me. The sudden intrusion made me cry out with pleasure. I had never felt so aroused, and ready for an orgasm. She fucked me deep and hard, ploughing into me with the thick shaft. I reached out to rub my clit, but she batted my hand away.

    “Mommy will take care of that for you.”

    Without breaking her rhythm with the dildo she reached over and grabbed my bullet vibrator off my nightstand. She turned it on and pressed it against my clit.

    I was powerless against the onslaught of pure pleasure. I let go completely and moaned and writhed under her hands. She shortened the thrusts of the dildo so she could stimulate my G-spot. My climax coiled like a spring inside me, ever tighter until I thought I would break. And then, just as I thought it wasn’t going to happen, exquisite relief flooded me. My back arched and my legs stiffened as she kept pleasuring me.

    “Please,” I gasped. “Stop.”

    She pulled her implements of pleasure away immediately. She sat back on her heels and waited until I had come down from my orgasm. My breath was ragged and I felt as if I had been flattened by a truck. I was unable to even look at her.

    “Looks like you are thoroughly satisfied,” she said, sounding pleased.

    I snorted out a chuckle. “Very much so.”

    I gathered my strength and lifted my head. “What about you? Do you need…”

    She smiled and shook her head. “No, this has been fun. I should be going.”

    She got off the bed and approached me. She bent down and kissed my cheek. “Lovely to have played with you.”

    I grinned up at her. “The pleasure is all mine. Literally. Thank you so much.”

    She nodded briskly and then turned around. “I’ll let myself out.”

    I heard her gather her things in the living room and then leave. And with that, my Mommy-for-the-night disappeared out of my life.

    Cock-tales on the beach

    Cock-tales on the beach

    The rhythm of their cocks thrusting into my mouth and pussy is in such sweet synchronicity with the crashing of the waves on the shore that it feels like a force of nature, as irresistible and inevitable as the tide.

    Senses heightened, I smell salt and ozone, fresh sweat and tanning lotion. The sun and sea breeze caress my bare skin, my wet t-shirt clinging coldly where it’s been pushed down around my waist. The tang of the pre-cum pooling on my tongue as I suck is no less delightful than the rising pressure on my G-spot from the thick shaft surging in and sliding out of me relentlessly. This is bliss…

    Sex on the beach in England is not typically a sun-drenched affair (although the wild, windswept coast on a stormy day can have its own unique pleasures) but our unprecedented blazing summer has driven me out of the city to a vacation cottage near the sea. There are no close neighbors — a good thing, as assorted friends and fuckpals have been descending on me in droves — and the discovery of a secluded and near-deserted beach has been the icing on a very delicious cake.

    We’re there now; it’s late evening, the golden hour when the light is at its most enchanting, and I can hear a bunch of my friends talking and laughing and playing music on the other side of the dunes. They won’t interrupt us — unless we invite them to — but I like the sociable way their voices mingle with the lapping white noise of the ocean. As a soundtrack to fucking, it’s unbeatable.

    How did this start? The usual way I guess, flirty comments and meaningful glances, a fleeting thought I’d like to fuck him right now turning into an imperative command from my libido. Sometimes I just NEED to get fucked — and I find the scent of sun on hot skin a powerful aphrodisiac*.

    My best friend Tony has his fingers loosely wrapped in my sea-dampened hair as he rocks his pelvis forward to thrust between my lips. I need both hands for balance on the sand — and to brace myself against the steady but vigorous screwing I’m getting from behind — so I let him fuck my mouth as hard and deep as he likes, knowing I can take it.

    It never ceases to amaze me how wet I get whenever I suck dick. Is it the sublime dichotomy of control/loss of control that does it for me? Maybe it’s just that I’m a horny little cocksucker who gets off on the sensation of that rigid column of flesh invading my mouth and throat. Whatever, the idyllic setting is making it especially arousing today, and Tony groans appreciatively as my tongue massages the underside of his thick shaft on each out-stroke. The fresh burst of pleasure it gives me each time I feel his cock twitch and pulse in my mouth sends a current of excitement directly to my soaked snatch, making it clutch around Victor’s dick as it slams into me. Victor doubles as my personal trainer when he’s not fucking me, and I know from treasured experience that he can keep this pace up for hours.

    Tony is feeling the heat, though.

    “Jesus, babe, I’m gonna have to send for reinforcements if you keep sucking me like that,” he groans, pulling out of my mouth with a pop.

    “Do it,” I laugh.

    He takes me at my word, whistling and calling to summon back-up — but it’s not another of the boys he’s sending for, it’s my girlfriend Cherry, who is very clever with her tongue.

    The guys switch ends, Vic claiming my mouth while Tony hangs back to catch his breath and enjoy the view of Cherry licking and rubbing my juiced-up cunt. She lies on her back so I can grind on her pretty face, her tongue lapping insistently at my clit. It’s a wonderful feeling, ripples of heat and pressure teasing out more trickles of wetness from deep inside, keeping my sugar walls spasming until Tony is ready to re-enter the fray.

    His initial thrust into me barrels me forward so I swallow Vic’s impressive erection right to the hilt. I stay there, lips suctioning tight around his root, as Tony finds his rhythm, impaling me hard and withdrawing smoothly, my darling dependable swordsman. Tony and Vic have shared me before but Cherry’s tongue dancing on my clit adds another dimension, my pussy stimulated inside and out as Vic stretches my mouth wide. I’m soon deeply immersed in the joyful task of sucking this beautiful cock until it’s throbbing urgently between my lips, while Tony and Cherry coax me towards the brink. My climax builds in rolling waves, each cresting over me at a higher peak until I’m suddenly jolting through an intense orgasm that leaves me so flooded with endorphins I must be glowing.

    I don’t quite know how I manage to keep Vic’s cock in my mouth as I orgasm, but somehow I do, and I could easily make him cum right now with one more flick of my tongue — but it seems a little selfish not to share, since Cherry has given me such excellent oral attention. I offer her a taste, and she wriggles out from under me and joins me in licking and sucking Vic’s dick. She seems a little overwhelmed by its girth, but once I have my fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy she finds the rhythm, our tongues and lips moving in harmony up and down his saliva-slick shaft, nuzzling his balls and slurping at the seeping head like it’s the tastiest popsicle ever.

    Tony is still fucking me steadily from behind, leaning over me to grind his fingers on my clit just the way I like it, clinging grains of sand adding just the right amount of friction. He accelerates until I suddenly cum again, then pulls out and shuffles around on the sand until he’s kneeling beside Vic.

    Cherry and I get the idea, each stroking one dick while sucking the other; she’s giggling breathlessly as Tony suddenly erupts over her face, but I prefer to swallow Vic’s load, wrapping my lips around the head as it starts to pump out, and gulping it down like a briny oyster fresh from the sea.

    I lick Tony’s cum from Cherry’s sweet lips as I finish her off with my fingers, and then we decide one orgasm isn’t really enough, so Tony eats her pussy (with my fingers still in it) until she cums again. We are all very sticky and sandy and sweaty by this point, so we go skinny-dipping. I can’t help but feel the sea is welcoming us in her wet embrace, having set the tempo for our fucking so perfectly. Sand between the toes is a small price to pay for such naked happiness.

    grinding on his cock…

    grinding on his cock…

    Straddling his lap, I rock my hips in lazy circles above his crotch, my panty-clad pussy brushing as delicately as a butterfly’s wing over the hard ridge in his shorts. I keep the pressure against his dick light and teasing and unpredictable as I move to the sultry beat, drawing out his anticipation of the moment when I’ll grind down on him.

    His eyes are fixed on my breasts, so I sway to make them jiggle inside my low-cut bra, then lean forward so they almost spill out into his face. He murmurs appreciatively and grabs my thigh with his good hand, tries to thrust his hips up to meet mine; then falls back on the pillows with a yelp of pain.

    “Keep still,” I say, fixing him there with one hand planted on his chest. With the other, I unhook my bra so my tits fall free, leaning in so he can capture a nipple between his lips for a moment, then moving out of reach. His cock is flexing in his shorts, reaching for me, and I rock back and forth, skimming lightly over it.

    His hand is sliding up and down my thigh, his thumb pressing and circling hard, just as I like him to do over my clit. It’s such a turn on to feel his body respond to mine like this, and I can feel that ache at my core that will only be satisfied by riding him ragged. Truthfully I’m craving the contact as much as he is, and I sink down a little lower as my hips dance, so my pussy caresses the full length of his cock with each stroke. Soon my panties are drenched, pressed up into the slick channel between my lips as they flower open and wrap around the girth of his erection.

    He groans.

    “Is this taking your mind off the pain?” I ask, torn between arousal and sympathy.

    “Well my cock’s throbbing worse than my ankle now, if that’s what you mean,” he grins, squeezing my thigh harder.

    Evan is my naughty little secret, the star player of my soccer team’s arch rival. I wrote about one of our most exciting games in  “Taking one for the team” a while back.

    He’s usually as athletic in my bed as he is on the pitch, but today he’s incapacitated, due to a foul tackle from my “Taking one for the team”, the only person who’s aware I’ve been ‘sleeping with the enemy.’ I made Tony take Evan to the emergency room to get his wrist and ankle strapped, and then drive him to my place to recuperate.

    “Now go home and think about what you did,” I tell Tony sternly, ushering him to the door.

    “I’ll be thinking about you riding that big lunk’s cock,” he says unrepentantly, sneaking a kiss.

    “Okay, whatever…” I sigh, pushing him out the door. I feel bad that Evan’s injured, but I know just how to make him feel better…

    Evan’s cock throbs and twitches each time I grind along it, only our dampening underwear between us. It’s more like dry humping than lap dancing now — if you can call it that when I’m so wet and ready to fuck.

    My cute panties are held together by bows at the side (a style that must have been invented by the god of strippers) and I toy with the ribbons before tugging them undone and waving the sticky scrap in Evan’s face. His shorts are all that remains as a flimsy barrier between us, and the silky fabric is soon glossed with my wetness as I glide up and down the length of his cock. It rears up, tenting out his shorts, and I let the head push into me as far as the constraints of the fabric will allow. The friction feels delicious. My fingers move to my clit, strumming it as I rock my hips back and forth, hyper-aware of the sensation of his silk-wrapped cock poised just at my creamy opening. That powerful just-about-to-be-fucked buzz is so intense.

    Usually when I hook up with Evan it’s for vigorous post-match, adrenaline-fueled sport fucking, so to have him pinned beneath me is intoxicating. I lean in, kissing him and then whispering in his ear, confidentially, “Want to hear what’s made me so wet?”

    He nods. He’s a man of few words, but I can see he’s intrigued.

    “Well… while you were at the ER, I snuck into the locker room,” I begin. We play in the park, there is no locker room, but I feel his cock jump and I know he’s hooked. “After the match, the guys came in, all sweaty and muddy. Nobody seemed to think it was strange that I was in there. They were all walking around naked, and one by one they would come up to me and let me touch them, stroke their cocks, until they were all stiff…”

    Evan’s fingers are digging into my thigh with the effort of not thrusting. I don’t think he realizes how hard he’s gripping me. Sweat is trickling down his forehead and chest, and his pupils are blown with lust. I wriggle to inch the head of his cock just a little deeper inside me, the silk stretched paper-thin, as I get into my story:

    “The guys were all crowding around me, hard cocks waving in my face, hands everywhere,” I continue, and if I close my eyes for a second I can actually see it, a circle of thick cocks surrounding me, each one begging to be jerked and sucked. A shudder of pleasure jolts through me, and I grind down on Evan, trying to force his cock deeper, through its silk binding.

    “Fuck!” he growls. “Don’t wanna cum yet. Sit on my face.” That’s quite a speech from Evan, so I grant his wish, arranging his injured wrist stretched out on the bed out of harm’s way before swinging around to straddle his face in a sixty-nine.

    The first touch of his tongue to my juiced-up slit is insanely distracting; if I were the selfish type I’d just ride his face to a galloping orgasm now. But I take a deep breath and try to concentrate on my story as he starts to lick and suck my clit:

    “I lick the nearest cock to me and it tastes all musky and sweaty… oh!… another one presses against my face, I switch between them… oh yes… maybe I can get both in my mouth at once…”

    Evan’s steady licking combined with the image in my head of a dozen muscular naked sweaty soccer players with erections is scrambling my brain. I tip forward to nuzzle his silk-sheathed cock, stroking it against my lips and cheeks, smelling the mingled aroma of our arousal. I’ve lost my place in the story now, in fact I’ve forgotten I was even speaking, suddenly fascinated by the way the saturated silk is moulded to his dick like a second skin. I trace my tongue around the head, tasting the cocktail of flavors, sweet and salt, more pre-cum flooding through to blend with the tang of fresh pussy.

    Wrapping my lips around the head, I suck; but now I’m hungry to taste him straight from the source, unimpeded. I peel the wet silk away, tugging his shorts down to mid-thigh. Evan gasps as the air hits his wet cock, and I make it more intense by blowing cool air over the head. Then I give him heat, taking his cock between my lips and sliding straight down, as deep as I can swallow it, so his whole dick is engulfed in warm wetness.

    My tongue dances over the thick veins of his shaft — now this is the type of lap dance at which I excel. I’m so immersed in my favorite pastime that his now rather unfocused licking is secondary to the overwhelming pleasure I get from the feeling of his cock swelling and pulsing in my mouth. That alone is enough to make me cum; and when he groans against my hot flesh the vibration triggers a little flurry of orgasmic shivers. That makes me suck harder still, cheeks hollowing. I’m ready for a burst of cum down my throat; but he slides his good hand under my ass and lifts me off him.

    “Wanna fuck you,” he mumbles, obviously way past managing full sentences.

    Mindful of the need to avoid jostling his ankle, I stay in reverse cowgirl, facing toward his feet, as I shimmy down until I’m astride his groin. I lean forward, bracing myself on his brawny thighs to keep him from moving, well aware I’m giving him the perfect view of his cock as it breaches the entrance to my cream-slick cunt. No need to guide it in, I’m so wet it glides into me smoothly, hard as stone. I wriggle on it as my pussy adapts to being so deliciously full, then begin to ride, my ass bouncing in his lap as I rise and fall energetically. He lets me do the work, staying still as I buck up and down on his thick shaft, dragging the head over my G-spot with every stroke, his rising groans telling me he’s loving every second of it.

    The heat and pressure is rising within me too, that familiar, blissful tightening of my sugar walls around his dick, until the tingles and tremors of pleasure erupt into one big explosion of ecstasy and I’m cumming on his cock, squeezing and spasming around him. That triggers his climax, thighs straining beneath my hands as I feel his cock pulse and spurt inside me.

    I rock gently in his lap until we’re both done shaking and gasping, them dismount carefully and cuddle up next to him. He wraps his good arm around me.

    “Tell me the rest of the story,” he says drowsily.

    So I talk softly, feeling his hot cum seep out of my pussy to coat my thighs, until the painkillers and post-orgasmic endorphins kick in and he’s sound asleep. I wrap him in the bedcovers and creep away. In the shower, I touch myself as I imagine what it would really be like to have the whole naked soccer team join me…

    Crowded: she holds me tight as he fucks my mouth deeper

    Crowded: she holds me tight as he fucks my mouth deeper